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UAN is a Universal Account Number designed to make the life of an employee a lot easier when it comes to maintaining his provident funds. But if you are not yet so much aware of it, then this article would positively help you to understand it thoroughly. So, without wasting any more time, let's get into the explanation, and by the end, you will know everything about UAN like UAN Status etc.

What is Universal Account Number [UAN]

It's a 12-digit number which every member of the Employee's Provident Fund Organization has this number. It enables the members of the organization to manage their provident fund accounts. The ministry of employment and labour under the Indian Government issues this number. It allows people to access information related to their provident fund regardless of where they are and who they work for.

Previously, it was hard to estimate the exact number of people who had provident funds, and it was difficult to track their activities. Hence, the UAN came into existence to counter this problem. This number is universal, which helps its users to gather all the information related to his PF accounts. The accounts might be associated with multiple ids, but this doesn't pose a problem. With the UAN's help, the employees can easily withdraw funds as well as transfer them.

Benefits of UAN

There are many benefits of having a Universal Account Number. It helps EPFO in tracking the employee, and in case of a job change, the EPFO gets immediately notified. The UAN's facilities can be accessed online, which makes it easy to transfer and withdraw funds. The UAN also guarantees that all the PF funds of an employee are legit. If the employee decides to change his job, then he has to link his PF accounts with his UAN, and in doing so, the EPFO is notified of his decision.

Checking UAN status online at

If you want to know how to check the status of your UAN number online, then follow these steps....

Enter Member IDFor Example: 12345678
Aadhaar Number12 digit number
PAN10 digit number
NameYour Name
Date of BirthDD/MM/YYYY
Mobile Number10 digit valid number
Email IDElectronic mailing address

So, get hands-on with these UAN whereabouts and activate your account today! Let us know in the section below if you have any additional queries.

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